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Carpet, Tile, Wood Floors, Laminate Floors & Natural Stone Flooring Installed in San Diego

Balboa Flooring has a large selection of solid & engineered hardwood floors, laminate, tile and stone flooring located in Southern California.

We are in-house installers of wood floors, laminate floors, tile floors, bathroom wall & floor tile, kitchen tile, stone backsplashes, shower enclosures, custom carpet designs, marble and travertine decorative floor medallions and granite counter tops.

Our San Diego floor company can provide moisture test in troublesome concrete foundations. We are trained to seal concrete foundations to prevent moisture seepage as well as rebuild wood flooring substrates.

Get all your carpeting and wood floors in San Diego at Balboa Flooring, our floor store is a complete world of carpet, hardwood flooring, laminate flooring and tile floors.

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Environmentally Friendly Floors at Balboa Flooring.

Providing hardwood flooring that meet the E1 and 2012 CARB standards for indoor air quality. Products certified according to the Principles & Criteria of the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC), adhering to strict environmental and social standards

Many floor manufacturers have been making great strides to protect the environment and engineer floors that have less impact on resources as well as utilize Zero Emissions Adhesives. As floor companies are certified as they retool manufacturing processes in compliance with the FSC, we will supply this information to our customers.

Popular Environmentally-Friendly Wood Floors.

KÄHRS WOOD FLOORS - Celebrating 150 Years!

The oldest hardwood floor manufacturer in the world, this Swedish floor manufacturer promotes and sustains reforestation, have been the caretakers of the southern forest in Nybro, Sweden for 150 Years and are certified by the Forest Stewardship Council. KÄHRS are the inventors for the mechanical locking system that is now found in all lock together floors in some form or other. Kahrs Woodloc Click Together Hardwood Floors use zero emissions adhesives and have zero formaldehydes. Kahrs engineers all Exotic and American hardwood floors wth 4mm wear layers on poplar wood cores. Kahrs designs and hand-crafts every floor in every line of hardwoods. They have some of the most beautiful floors in the world. Kahrs Woodloc Hardwood Floors are so well-made and popular in Europe that homeowners and tenants take their floors with them when they move, recycled for use in other homes, ultimately the greenest floor on earth.

Test data for KAHRS formaldehyde-free wood floors.

A Good Word About Poplar Wood Cores.

Poplar is ideal for wood cores, as it is actually considered a weed which grows fairly quickly in North America with very little effort or resources for growth. Poplar has stable qualities suited for engineering floor cores and can have managed hardwood wear layers adhered to it to cut cost and have less impact on forest crops as it replaces plywoods & utility woods normally cut from hardwoods.


This American floor manufacturer maintains a 60 year relationship with North American Forestry by utilizing hardwoods that are not deemed endangered nor illegal and utilize Cross-Locked Engineered™ 5-ply oak waste cores. Anderson's Environmental Stewardship aside of sustaining forest growth, promotes low-emissions adhesives as well as producing a famous water-based floor glue called Duck Glue that is formaldehyde-free. Anderson promotes the use of Hickory hardwoods which come from healthy and abundant forest farms and have longevity in the life cycle of wood flooring. Anderson has created the most desireable hand-crafted floors to be admired by generations of homeowners lucky to have such beautiful flooring. Anderson also manages Appalachian and Virginia Vintage wood floors, all designed and hand-crafted in the USA!

Hickory Hardwood Has The Advantage.

Hickory is rated stronger than traditional Oaks and Maples and competes in hardness with African and South American hardwoods. Hickory has a combination of toughness, hardness and strength unmatched in other hardwoods. Hickories grow abundantly in arid climates in the Southern United States, Mexico and China, some hardly see more than a few inches of rain water per year, yet will withstand harsh environmental and household abuse, making them some of the greenest resources in hardwoods.

MANNINGTON - Planet-friendly manufacturing

It takes more than twice as many trees to produce a traditional solid wood floor as it does to produce a Mannington hardwood floor. Plus Mannington uses water-based stains and finishes that don't contain harsh solvents, and their adhesive system is formaldehyde-free. Mannington's 7-step UltraWear® Plus finish with ScratchResist™ is a polyurethane/aluminum oxide finish that provides unsurpassed protection against normal wear. Each UltraWear® Plus step is an ultraviolet cured process pioneered by Mannington. UltraWear® Plus provides their solvent-free finishes wear-and-scuff-resistance along with amazing depth and clarity. They make very beautiful and very durable floors with 25 year warranties.

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